EasyFast PHP Framework

EasyFast PHP is a framework that makes PHP programming fast and easy, using a simple and elegant syntax.

EasyFast PHP is focused on taking away all the headache of working with object orientation. Behind a simple, but robust, interface to work with ORM (Object-relational mapping), you will find an incredible tool to generate classes, along with other features such as:


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We are still developing the documentation, help us!


Still under development, we are accepting collaboration in order to create a successful tool, created on top of this passionate language PHP.


The EasyFast PHP framework is an open-sourced software licensed under the Apache 2.0 license


Author: Bruno Oliveira bruno@salluzweb.com.br


James Miranda jameswpm@gmail.com

Hiago Souza hiago@sparkweb.com.br

Mauro Fileto mfileto@netcaster.us

Soon a fast start